Turn Off Philips Hue with Siri

I finally out two and two together to figure out how to control my Philips Hue lights with Siri thanks to IFTTT! IFTTT allows you to text the service and allow certain hashtags to cause certain triggers. So I simply created a contact with the name “Philips Hue” using my IFTTT SMS number. Then I tell Siri, “Tell Philips Hue to turn hashtag off,” or some such phrase. Boom! The lights turn off. Check out the recipe below!

Pebble Time

Pebble has returned to Kickstarter with their latest piece of hardware, the Pebble Time. Unlike the Pebble Steel, this isn’t just an aesthetic upgrade. Think of this as Pebble 2.0. I’m very torn. On the one hand, I very much love my Pebble. I bought it in September of 2013, and it has steadily gotten better over the course of a year’s worth of updates. My phone stays in my pocket, silent and with vibration turned off. I get my sports scores, pay for my Starbucks, and turn off my lights with my watch. That’s pretty great.