Last night Jessica and I watched Long Shot. It was surprisingly good. Up there with Forgetting Sarah Marshall for us. Seth Rogan and Charlize Theron have great chemistry, and I absolutely loved O’Shea Jackson Jr. Every word out of his mouth was comedy gold.

May the 4th Be With You!

It’s Star Wars Day! I painted that picture. Not today. It’s from one of Kristen Olsen’s AE Uncorked classes from a little while back. Enjoy a quiz for Star Tours – The Adventure Continues!

So I’m a Dad Now

On March 18th at 9:24 PM, Sophia Lynn Minotti came screaming into this world. One minute later at 9:25 PM, Olivia Ann Minotti came screaming even louder. Everyone always talks about what a life changing experience this will be. And academically, you get that. But man, nothing would have ever prepared me for the last week.

Farewell, Big Ethel

This weekend, something very exciting happened. I purchased a 2012 Subaru Forester with 10,800 miles on it. It’s a fantastic car. But something sad happened too. It was finally time to say goodbye to my 2003 Toyota Highlander, Big Ethel.

Hello world!

I guess I can leave the title of the default WordPress blog post intact. I realized that ajguy.com was actually available, so I figured why not? May as well try making some manner of blog (again). But I figured especially with my twin daughters on the way, it might be fun to have a place to chronicle my sudden role of dad in addition to all the other stuff I like. For anyone who knows me, that involves Disney stuff, nerdy stuff, techy stuff, and video game stuff. I’ll post a bunch of photos and such too. It’s what I do. Enjoy our epic, hill top wedding photo in the mean time.