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Pebble Time

Pebble has returned to Kickstarter with their latest piece of hardware, the Pebble Time. Unlike the Pebble Steel, this isn’t just an aesthetic upgrade. Think of this as Pebble 2.0. I’m very torn. On the one hand, I very much love my Pebble. I bought it in September of 2013, and it has steadily gotten better over the course of a year’s worth of updates. My phone stays in my pocket, silent and with vibration turned off. I get my sports scores, pay for my Starbucks, and turn off my lights with my watch. That’s pretty great.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

As part of my birthday festivities yesterday, my wife took me to see Kingsman: The Secret Service. This was one of those cases of going into a movie fairly blind. I vaguely recall a teaser trailer from a few months ago, and I had recollections of it being based on a comic book (it is). But that was about it.

Hello world!

I guess I can leave the title of the default WordPress blog post intact. I realized that was actually available, so I figured why not? May as well try making some manner of blog (again). But I figured especially with my twin daughters on the way, it might be fun to have a place to chronicle my sudden role of dad in addition to all the other stuff I like. For anyone who knows me, that involves Disney stuff, nerdy stuff, techy stuff, and video game stuff. I’ll post a bunch of photos and such too. It’s what I do. Enjoy our epic, hill top wedding photo in the mean time.