02/10/2019, 13:49

I’m happy to see PSNow get more competitive with pricing, but I’m afraid Sony has already been lapped by other subscription services in terms are new release availability. I don’t subscribe to GamePass or Origin Access for old games, I sub to get access to new releases.

Last night Jessica and I watched Long Shot. It was surprisingly good. Up there with Forgetting Sarah Marshall for us. Seth Rogan and Charlize Theron have great chemistry, and I absolutely loved O’Shea Jackson Jr. Every word out of his mouth was comedy gold.

Mario Kart on iPhone is fine, but man did they chose the wrong time to release it. In the wake of Apple Arcade (and Sonic Team Racing), seeing that pipe to pay for random racers, karts, and gliders feels terrible. Also, the controls need work. Or controller support.

Apple Arcade is a comically good deal. Also, I cannot stop playing Grindstone. Send help.

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